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The lastest in triking news is available on this web site and in our TRIKER magazine. If you own a trike, or are considering a trike, you need to become part of our world of triking.Please contact us for a free copy of TRIKER, our published magazine. In it you will find a complete listing of trike events, chapters and other contact information as well as helpful articels and ads pertaining to trikes. We hope that you will join our Family of Trikers where help with your questions is always just a step away. IF you are looking to buy a trike, or sale your trike, we have classified listing on our web site as well as in our magazine. We pride ourselves in having some of the most helpful members in the world. Triking is growing daily and maore and more people are chosing trikes over conventional motorcycles. This is largely due to the fact that trikes are safer, more stable and just more fun to ride. No matter what type of trike you chose, we are convincved you will want to a member of our organization.